Today’s most successful businesses have built Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR) into all aspects of their business – community engagement, sustainable/ethical procurement, reducing their carbon footprint, providing skills development for employees and employability for local people.

Businesses can look after their bottom line and at the same time take responsibility to the health and wellbeing of the communities in which they operate.

Ultimately for a CSR strategy to be successful it should be at the heart of the business decision making process linked to how the organisation does business and complimenting their brand values.

Specific Services Include:

  • Facilitating community and stakeholder engagement
  • Developing and implementing Community Investment Plans
  • Providing socioeconomic measurement tools and frameworks
  • Consortia development with private, public and third sector partners
  • Identifying and supporting funding opportunities and applications
  • Creating employability and job creation initiatives, including skills academies
  • Strategic positioning and awareness of government policy
  • Social Inclusion practices
  • Third Sector and Social Enterprise creation and development